Drawn into memory

Invited to write about an object, a vision of … I focus on the silver pan, the large dial, the red arrow on zero.

Another Place

I was feeling left behind, I was feeling my life stalling, and I was struggling to say this hurts, it hurts so very much.

A Childless Father’s Day

There are no daisy chains for you and me,
no crown of flowers upon your head.

How to be Amazingly Happy, Victoria Firth

Through Victoria’s courageously sharing her stories, she shows it is possible to know and not know about our choices, and that to laugh and cry over them is ok.

(un)becoming an imposter

(un)becoming an imposter is my attempt at ‘coming out’ as childless, but also more than childless and the fragmenting process that had occurred to my identity as a result of viewing being childless as failure.

Home (today)

Home (today) is a poem about my home being where I live in the moment, but also haunted by my losses, both through miscarriages, as well as the faded hopes and dreams.

under there, somewhere

under there, somewhere expresses simultaneously the imploding and exploding of being lost in the childless grief. It captures the unseen and the unspoken.

Dancing under Rainbows

Dancing under Rainbows is a story of my longing for a child, but almost every month we were left with crushing disappointment. It appeared as part of World Childless Week 2018 as part of Men Matter Too.