Image (un)becoming an imposter by Andy Harrod

(un)becoming an imposter

Andy Harrod I aimed to set up (In)visible childlessness a year ago, but I wasn’t ready as I was still an imposter to myself. In July I shared (un)becoming an imposter on my own website, it was my attempt at ‘coming out’ as childless, but also more than childless and the fragmenting process that had […]

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Image for under there, somewhere

under there, somewhere

Andy Harrod under there, somewhere appears at Burning House Press. It expresses simultaneously the imploding and exploding of being lost in the childless grief. It captures the unseen and the unspoken. ‘…A language unknown, fills the empty space. Each imagining what they will never have. He visualises himself screaming into their faces…’ Read on. The […]

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Image for Dancing under Rainbows

Dancing under Rainbows

Andy Harrod Dancing under Rainbows is a story of my longing for a child, but almost every month we were left with crushing disappointment. It appeared as part of World Childless Week 2018 as part of the theme of Men Matter Too. ‘…The gate swings open, four small wheels roll along the path; a deafening […]

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