(In)visible childlessness is an online gallery for the creative expression of how it feels to be childless not by choice. Submissions from individuals who are childless not by choice for any reason are accepted. Submissions can be about any aspect of being childless not by choice. Submissions can be in the form of art, film, music/sound, photography, writing or a combination of these. All submissions will be considered, through (In)visible childlessness reserves the right to reject material that may be inappropriate. All submissions will receive a response within two weeks of receipt. Please read the guidelines below for the required formats for submissions.

Submission Guidelines

  • For all submissions please state if you wish your name to be included when published or if you prefer to use a alias or be anonymous. The choice is yours.
  • You are welcome to include a short bio and where appropriate include links to your own blog or website and social media (50 words max).
  • If you submission has been previously published please ensure you either have permission to republish it and include in the email where it was previously published or include up to 500 new words about the piece with a link to the piece, so readers can be directed to it.
  • Submissions to be sent by email to Andy. If you file is large then you can use We Transfer which is free for files up to 2GB.

Art and Photography

  • A maximum of 5 images.
  • Images to be submitted as individual jpeg files.
  • Images to be at least 1000 pixels at their longest dimension. Photos from camera phones are suitable and I can resize if required.
  • Please include a title for each image.
  • Please include any accompanying text for the images in an attached file.

Film, Music and Sound

  • A maximum of 5 videos or music/sound clips.
  • Please include a link to where the video or music/sound is hosted (for example, soundcloud, vimeo, youtube) rather than send in the original file.
  • However, if the submission is not currently hosted then please send the file.
  • Please include any accompanying text for the video, music or sound in an attached file.


  • A maximum of 5 pieces.
  • Recommended word length is 500-1000 words.
  • Please send as an attachment.
  • Please send in an accompanying image for the piece and ensure you have permission to use the image especially if it continues images of people. If you do not have an image then I can discuss the use of an appropriate image with you.

Copyright and Terms

(In)visible childlessness requests worldwide first rights, and the right to include the work on the (In)visible childlessness website indefinitely. If after publication you want to remove your submission please contact Andy to request this. After publication, all rights revert to the artist. Copyright remains with the artist. If your work is republished elsewhere in the future, please credit (In)visible childlessness with the first publication. If you promote your submission on your personal blog or website please include a link to the post on the (In)visible childlessness website.


If you have questions about the submission process please contact Andy.